Services Provided

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  • Lead Appraiser - lead trained teams of professionals in the appraisal to determine an organization’s process capability and/or maturity level.
  • Instructor - highly trained and experienced with the CMMI model, its practices, methodologies, and standards. Demonstrated advanced competency in the CMMI, experience with the model, knowledge of the courseware, and skill in educating adult learners in a classroom environment.
  • Consulting - designed to help clients develop goals and action plans to meet those goals.
    • review of existing processes and recommendations for improvement for compliance
    • assistance in developing and writing new processes
    • assistance in implementation and auditing of processes



CMMI Institute Authorized Training for CMMI V1.3

  • Introduction to CMMI for Services
  • Introduction to CMMI for Development
  • Services Supplement
  • Development Supplement
  • Acquisition Supplement

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CMMI Institute Authorized Training for CMMI V2.0

  • CMMI V2.0 Upgrade Training (1 day)
  • Foundations of Capability (2 days)
  • Building Development Excellence (1 day)
  • Building Service Excellence (1 day)